Data Append & Enhancement Services

We have more than 80 years of combined experience with data appending and enhancement services. Our multi-channel databases will help you find the greatest opportunity for success. Create a seamless sales pipeline with our phone, email, MAID, device ID, Hashed Email, Identification append and reverse append solutions.


Our phone append services let you add phone numbers to your customer and prospecting files. We blend multiple data record sources to give you the most accurate match possible. Easily enhance your sales pipeline with accurate, trusted data from RealSource


RealSource’s landline and mobile phone append service provides you with an accurate and fast way to add phone numbers to your customer or prospect files. RealSource’s customized phone append solutions give you the best coverage for your appending needs by blending multiple data record sources.  

  • Daily updated telco-sourced consumer and business directory assistance listings with over 170 million records.
  • Over a dozen sources of close to 215 million compiled listings from white and yellow page directories nationwide.
  • Multiple levels of match logic for the perfect balance of match rate and accuracy

RealSource offers you the most comprehensive and accurate coverage for the highest match rates coupled with precision accuracy.


Enhance your ability to communicate with your customers through RealSource’s Email Append service. Whether you are looking to upsell, cross-sell, or re-engage less active customers, email channel communication, when performed properly, is arguably the most cost effective manner of customer communication. RealSource has one of the largest databases of email addresses with over 215 million input records powering the database. Our email data is verified and validated to identify and eliminate email addresses associated with role accounts, complainers, hard bounces, invalid domains, and spam traps.

  • The data is compiled from third-party opt-in data sources
  • Each email address is scored based on several factors including the number of reported sources
  • Monthly updates to add new records and purge old records

RealSource uses customized match logic to balance match rate and accuracy. Not only do we maintain a meticulously compiled database for append and reverse append projects, but we also house a separate suppression file of over 460 million records. These are email addresses that are obsolete, fraudulent, spam traps or complainers – none of which you want to add to your customer database as the results can negatively affect your online sending reputation.


Utilize RealSource’s database of over 475 + Million Hashed Emails mapped to over 465 million Mobile Advertising ID’s (MAIDS) to enhance your existing database and increase your ability to communicate with your target audience through online digital advertising, or offline postal delivery and telemarketing.  RealSource can verify and validate your existing MAID file as well as append MAID’s along with the IP Address, Lat/Long, URL, and Time Increments.

RealSource uses the state-of-the-art match logic that can be matched to programmatic online data, device ID’s (MAIDS), Mobile Phone Apps,  email address, consumer address, Auto VIN’s, Landline phones, Mobile Phones, Cell Tower IP lat-long location match.

Benefits of Reverse MAID Append: 

  • Save time & money with validated information for your marketing campaigns
  • Ensure your customer list is accurate and up-to-date
  • Improve multi-channel campaign success by reaching more customers and prospects
  • Populate missing contact information
  • Save money and reduce the number of undeliverable marketing pieces


RealSource’s database hygiene services save you time and money by updating your current customer or prospect list.  Some of the database hygiene services available are:

  • Address Standardization
  • NCOA and PCOA
  • Phone Verification
  • Email Verification
  • Device ID Verification
  • Phone Disconnect
  • Landline to Mobile Phone Porting