Data Driven Digital and Social Media Marketing

Digital and Social Media Marketing is the number one fastest growing media platform today.  Think of the potential amount of people your company could reach by using a smart and cost-effective plan to retain current customers and attract new ones.  This modern marketing strategy allows for mass-communications and optimum product or services exposure targeting consumers where they spend most of their time, on-line and on their devices.

All businesses are looking for new and innovative cost-effective ways to interact with current and future clients. Digital Social Media Advertising networks are very important to marketing efforts and that is especially true for small to medium size business.  The main reasons businesses begin to use digital social media are to increase brand awareness, retain current clients and acquire new customers. Connecting with customers and building and maintaining a relationship with them is the goal. All these reasons are applicable to your business!  

Location Based Services and Geo-Fencing

Further target your marketing efforts by using Location Based Services/Geo-Fencing.   Create a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area and drive digital advertising to a mobile device when an individual enters or exists the desired location.  Research shows that 91% of mobile users keep their phone within reach 24/7. With RealSource Location Based Services, you can now target in-market consumers when they are making a buying decision!