Information Management

Our targeted data products and services are created to help companies more accurately target individuals for marketing purposes and to provide more insight, such as updated contact information, to our client’s databases.

Our targeted data products contain publicly available information, survey information, and information collected from other data aggregators.  These products are used by our clients for their online and offline marketing efforts.  These products may contain information such as name, email address, postal address, telephone number, and other contact points.  We handle consumer privacy with great care and adhere to all federal guidelines.

Opting out of our Marketing Data Products and Services

If you wish to opt-out of our Marketing Databases, please contact us via email at  Your request will remove your name and address however, please note that opting-out of our databases will not prevent other companies form sending you direct marketing materials.

Opting out of our Telephone Data:

 We subscribe to the FTC’s Do-Not-Call Registry.  If you wish to register with the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry, please see their website for details  Placing your number on this national registry will stop most, but not all telemarketing calls.