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RealSource’s analytical model is one of a kind in the Auto Warranty industry.  Our proven responder model was designed specifically to target consumers who are primed for Auto warranty protection.  This unique design takes the guess work out of the equation and allows you to save money and increase your ROI.  Combined with our National Auto VIN database every record is 100% populated with the owner’s name, address, make, model, and year of the vehicle as derived directly from Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). Our data is multi-sourced and validated from verified consumer transactions. Accuracy and strict data hygiene is the foundation of our proprietary database.

The following hygiene processes are applied to our auto warranty leads each month:

  • Full USPS National Change of Address and Proprietary transaction-based move updating
  • 100% zip9 on every record
  • 100% Delivery Point Validated and CASS certified
  • Comprehensive Telephone hygiene
  • VIN validation on every record

RealSource’s Auto Warranty Lead database is fully compliant with all privacy laws including the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and subsequent Shelby Amendment.  We do not access Division of Motor Vehicle data for any purpose.

To further enhance the database, we utilize a proprietary daily feed to remove VIN records that have recently been traded or sold and currently appear on dealer lots. These daily feeds represent the auto dealer inventory and as such this information allows us to remove VIN records so you, the client, do not lose money on people who no longer own a specific automobile. There are approximately 1.2 million auto trade in’s each month and RealSoure is the only company that provides this unique state-of-the-art hygiene process to track these changes in auto ownership. It is our job to make sure you reach the current owner of an automobile, not someone who owned a particular automobile last month.

RealSource’s Auto Warranty leads are updated monthly and are certified for accuracy

  • Over 20 primary and proprietary data sources
  • Over 100 Million households
  • Information on over 250 million vehicles
  • Selectable by hundreds of demographics for targeting
  • Direct Mail, Telemarketing, & Email marketing campaigns
  • Streamlined appending

Experience the difference with RealSource’s Auto Warranty Leads and let your positive ROI prove why our address and ownership accuracy is unrivaled in the automotive lead generation space.

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