Timeshare Owner Leads

RealSource Inc. maintains the largest US Timeshare Owners database in the industry.  The integrity of the information you receive, as well as the means by which we gather and update the data ensures that our clients receive a Timeshare Owners List that exceeds their expectations.

Critical demographic data included during the compilation of the Timeshare Owners Lists enables clients to better pinpoint the market segment they wish to target.  RealSource includes hundreds of selectable criteria by which to create the best list of Timeshare Leads possible including, but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Primary Household Language
  • Presence of Children

RealSource Count Segments further enhance the viability of the Timeshare Leads clients receive.

  • Total Available Leads: 6,032,577
  • Total Landline Phones: 2,163,219
  • Total Mobile Phones: 1,500,988
  • Total Validate Email Address: 3,017,502
  • Total Available Households with Resort Name: 4,645,084

Our data is geo-coded to allow for rooftop accuracy when running radius counts and data pulls.  Regardless of the means by which you are contacting potential customers, whether by Direct Mail, Telemarketing, or Email Marketing RealSource allows you to reach a market segment that has genuine interest in your offer.

Contact a member of our knowledgeable team today, and we’ll begin the process of Timeshare Lead Generation that will provide you with targeted leads best suited for your program.